T-5 Sockets for Fluorescent Bulbs

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T-5 sockets are designed to hold fluorescent light bulbs. This type of socket is used in buildings and for different types of lighting equipment. This explanation about T-5 sockets will describe how they’re used for modern lighting applications.

T-5 Sockets and Fluorescent Bulbs

T-5 Fluorescent bulb lamps need the T-5 sockets to work properly. This particular type of bulb has different lengths and socket pin design. They are different from standardized fluorescent lights. They have a 5/8 – inch diameter which has been created to reduce potential electrical hazards.

T-5 Socket Design

T-5 sockets are smaller in size than standard T8 sockets. Their smaller size allows them to be safer for use. Also, T-5 fluorescent bulbs are shorter than the T8. This means that no other fluorescent lamp size will work with the T-5. Most T-5 sockets have a slit down the middle where the bulbs can slide into and connecting points that provide electrical power for light. Some T-5 sockets have a double pole design. This type of socket had a split “Y” like shape. A double pole design allows for the use of more lighting from one connection point.

T-5 lights are usually installed inside of buildings and homes. People can hard wire them on their own if they are knowledgeable but it is probably best to call an electrician to perform this work. Most T-5 connections are not commonly used outside of the home and business settings. T-5 lighting is energy efficient and does provide great lighting for rooms and open spaces.

Converting T-5 Sockets

T-5 sockets can be converted to fit T8 bulbs but this is rarely done except for rare situations. People can also reverse this process and make T-5 bulbs fit into T8 sockets. Individuals that want to convert this type of lighting will need to change and adjust the lighting fixture to fit the different bulb types.

T-5 lamps uses are common today and are used in a variety of settings such as public structures and many offices. However, this type of illumination is not as popular as standard light bulb sockets. Many structures use this type of lighting as an alternate source to screw-in bulbs because it is more practical lighting solution for large rooms and spaces needing a great amount of illumination. T-5 sockets will remain a common type of lighting option for buildings and structures until a more efficient type of lighting system can replace it. You can find T-5 sockets and many other lighting options at H.H. Fluorescent Parts.

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