Strategies For Hiding The Compressor After Air Conditioning Installation In North Little Rock AR

by | Sep 18, 2023 | HVAC Contractor

When homeowners are ready forAir Conditioning Installation in North Little Rock AR, they may wonder if it’s OK to hide the outdoor unit from view. In many cases, the technicians need to install that equipment within easy view of passersby. Some homeowners feel the boxy metal compressor detracts from the aesthetic appeal of the house and landscaping. There are ways to safely conceal the compressor to a certain extent, although it’s important to leave enough room for air circulation.

Decorative shrubs can block the view of the equipment from the street. They should be planted so the closest greenery is at least 3 ft. away. Putting up a small decorative wood or vinyl fence is a possibility; the distance requirements are the same. Another option might be planting flowers that don’t hide the unit but brighten up the area and make it more attractive. Many flowers grow tall enough so they at least mask the lower part of the compressor.

When autumn arrives, homeowners may feel they have a great chance to hide that equipment altogether by covering it with a decorative piece of plastic. They probably won’t be turning the a/c on again until May or June. However, the experts advise people not to do this because it traps humidity inside and also offers a haven for mice. Placing something on top of the unit but not covering it completely is a suitable option. That keeps falling leaves out of it. Manufacturers of air systems offer these types of covers for an affordable price, or the owner may choose something else. Even a piece of plywood will do, although that probably doesn’t appeal to anyone concerned about how nice their home looks from the street.

When a technician arrives to do air conditioning installation in North Little Rock AR, the homeowner might ask advice about how to conceal the equipment. The worker can point out the recommended distance for plants and any structures the homeowner might want to put up. Visit Seaton Heat N Air to find out more about this particular heating and cooling contractor.

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