Steps To Take For Water Pipe Leak Repair In Columbia City IN

When a water pipe leaks in your home, it can cause considerable damage to your house, furniture, and personal possessions. When you discover a leaky pipe in your house, follow the steps below to minimize the damage until a plumber who specializes in water pipe leak repair in Columbia City IN arrives to repair the pipe.

1. Locate the turn valve that controls the flow of water to the leaky pipe. If you can’t find the correct shutoff valve, turn off all the water lines in the entire house by shutting off the main valve that comes into the house from outside.

2. Turn on all the faucets in your house, including the kitchen and bathroom sinks and bathtub faucets, and drain out the water that’s still in the water lines.

3. If only a small portion of the pipe is damaged and you want to temporarily fix the leak before the plumber arrives, wipe off the wet area on the pipe with a dry cloth. Spread epoxy on the portion of the pipe that’s damaged.

4. Wrap a piece of rubber tightly around the leaking area of the pipe and place a clamp on both ends of the rubber. Make sure the clamps are tight, so the rubber piece stays in position over the leak.

5. After the epoxy dries, which takes about an hour, wrap waterproof tape over the rubber piece to help keep it in place.

6. Open the water valve and check the repaired area to see if the leak has stopped.

This quick fix will allow you to use your water until a professional can get to your house to fix the pipe leak. If there’s an entire section of pipe that needs to be repaired, you should let a plumber who specializes in water pipe leak repair in Columbia City IN fix the pipe for you. A plumber has all the necessary tools, materials and knowledge to repair the pipe and stop the leak.

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