Stay Cool This Summer With Help From an Experienced AC Company in Lubbock

by | Feb 27, 2015 | Air Conditioning

The city of Lubbock Texas is generally remembered for two things, the great rock legend known as Buddy Holly and some very warm summers. In fact, dealing with the summer heat is one of the largest expenses for local utility bills. There are various ways that you can beat the summer heat and most of them are available from an AC Company in Lubbock. For instance, you can have an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system installed to provide cool air throughout the whole building. HVAC equipment is used for both residential and commercial installations.

The typical air conditioner supplied by an AC Company in Lubbock consists of a condensing unit located outside the building and a distribution system installed inside. The interior unit is usually a cabinet housing the evaporator coil and a blower along with the furnace for an HVAC system. This cabinet is connected to a series of ducts that control where the treated air is sent. The average air duct will be a rectangular pipe or a large round pipe and may be insulated. However, there is another method for running air ducts that is becoming very popular. This system is known as high-velocity air ducts.

An AC Company in Lubbock can reduce many of the problems associated with large air duct systems by installing high-velocity air ducts. These ducts are about two inches in diameter and are designed to fit within wall spaces or tight attic areas with very little effort. This can benefit older homes or historical buildings because there is very little demolition required when installing these air ducts. Of course, using high-velocity air ducts will require an upgrade to the air conditioner if one exists in the building.

Another alternative for cooling your home or business is the split or ductless AC. An AC Company in Lubbock may suggest this option for areas where separate temperature settings are required. However, these systems can benefit anyone who wants more control over the temperatures in their home or office. Imagine being able to adjust the thermostats so the rest of the home is using less power at night while you sleep in a cool and comfortable room. The ductless air conditioner also uses an external condenser system, but it supplies the compressed refrigerant to multiple indoor coolers, typically up to eight per condenser.

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