Simple Mice Control Tips

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Home Improvement

Are you scared of mice and you just want them to be gone from your home? You are thinking the right thoughts. Mice and rats are known to carry and transfer many diseases that could harm you and your family. These diseases are spread through their urine, droppings (pooh), or sometimes their bites. Also, they love to chew. There are times that they chew on wires that could start a fire. Learning some mice control for you can help keep your home free of them.

How Do They Get Inside??

Mice are very small and can get through the tiniest little spaces and cracks in your ceiling, walls, basement or attic windows. They only need a ¼ inch space to squeeze through and gain entry into your home.  Once inside, they look for food and a place to live and multiply. They can cause problems around your home and get into your food.

Many people do not realize that house mice live outside year around.  You can help by moving firewood as far away from the home as possible. Pet food left outside and seeds from bird feeders are probably the most readily source of food for mice and other rodents. Avoid feeding birds if possible. You can also do some maintenance to seal  up gaps or opening  around the outside of your home and check the inside of your home for holes around plumbing fixtures and seal them up. Make sure garage doors fit tight to the concrete floor (no light showing through) and make sure the door leading to your home from the garage has a rodent proof door sweep.

Don’t give them an invitation to come in. Make sure you keep all food items tucked safely away inside tight container and don’t leave pet food out, again especially outside, where it will be an invitation, not only to mice, but other rodents as well.

How to Get Rid of Them?

You can always buy traps like the old fashioned mouse traps, or the popular glue traps that are available fairly inexpensively. Keep in mind if you do this and catch a mouse or two, you may not have solved the infestation. If you think you may have mice, you should contact a professional in New Jersey and have some a Professional Pest Management company come out and do an inspection.

Who to Call

Viking Pest Control has been in the business of mice control in New Jersey  for over 35 years and have locations all along the Eastern seaboard area. The products and methods they use are meant to eradicate your pest problem quickly and keep from recurring with minimum use of insecticides and maximum safety for you and your family. To set up a free inspection call them at (888) 979-1395.

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