Residential Furnace Replacement In Burlington, WA Can Save Energy Costs And Keep A Home Comfortable

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Heating and Cooling

The winter chill will be arriving very soon. The warm summer sun will fade with the sunset, and a homeowner should be ready for the winter months with a residential furnace replacement in Burlington WA. The life of a furnace varies depending on the quality of the heat exchanger in the furnace. The heavier metal heat exchangers last much longer than lightweight metal ones. Furnaces, on average, last 13 to 22 years. Proper maintenance on a furnace helps to extend its life. If a furnace is more than 10 years old, it’s economically worth considering replacing the furnace.

Furnaces are an important investment for any home. The energy efficiency of the new furnaces helps to pay for themselves. When a 93% energy efficient furnace is installed, this means that 93 cents of every dollar in energy costs is being used to heat a home. An older furnace operates around 60% in efficiency. This is quite a bit of money wasted on energy costs that isn’t helping to heat a home. A Residential Furnace Replacement in Burlington WA should be measured and installed by a professional. A furnace that is too large or too small will not properly heat a home during the winter.

Routine maintenance on a furnace by a trained technician helps a furnace to last longer. Routine maintenance can include greasing bearings, checking or replacing belts, cleaning the blower and blower motor, and checking the connections within the furnace. A homeowner should replace the furnace filter at least every 45 days. The air flow around a furnace should not be blocked by any debris, such as boxes or containers. If the air flow is blocked, this can make the furnace work harder and limit the life of the furnace.

Alpine Heating & Cooling is a leader in the area of HVAC repair and replacement in the area. Their trained technicians and friendly customer service will help a homeowner determine the best system for their home. They offer a free estimate on the installation of a new unit without any obligation. They offer a maintenance program that every furnace needs. Don’t be cold this winter when they can make a home comfortable.

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