Prepare for any Weather With Help From an Experienced AC Contractor in Colorado Springs

by | Oct 6, 2015 | AC Repair, Air Conditioning

One of the most important factors in modern construction is blocking out the harsh elements. While this is a necessity for keeping the temperature of the building at a comfortable level, it can also keep the building stuffy and dusty. This is one area where an AC Contractor In Colorado Springs can help. Proper installation of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system will improve air circulation and help control filtering of the air. Technicians can also consider adding ventilation to the system for fresh air intake or even the application of another type of air treatment system.

One of the alternatives that an AC Contractor in Colorado Springs should have access to is the split or ductless air conditioner. This system functions by compressing the refrigerant outside the building just like the HVAC, but the chemical is then distributed to various cooling units installed throughout the building, up to eight per condenser. This sort of installation gives the property owner more control over the various temperatures in each zone which should result in savings on the utility bill.

Another alternative is the installation of a heat pump. All cooling systems installed by AC Contractor in Colorado Springs are basically a heat pump, but the system that gets the name is designed to use an external heat sink for releasing any accumulated heat. For instance, a ground-based heat pump typically uses a series of pipes buried at specific levels to take advantage of the consistent temperature of the earth. As the air is moved from place to place, the heat is extracted from the air and transferred where it is required. The effect can be reversed because the removal of heat tends to generate lower temperatures on the alternate side of the system.

AC contractors are also experienced with furnace repair and similar heating systems. Part of the reason for this is the combination of the furnace and air conditioner in a single appliance. The HVAC is designed to provide all year treatment of indoor air with a limited amount of maintenance, typically annual service calls for cleaning and inspection. For more information contact Parkeys Heating & Air Conditioning.

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