Maintain Electricity during a Power Outage with Generators in Charlottesville, Virginia

by | May 13, 2013 | Air Conditioning

During power outages, Generators Charlottesville Virginia offer backup energy to power a home. A back up power source may be absolutely essential for heat during cold, winter months. During summer months, the very young and the elderly can be in grave danger without air conditioning to prevent heat stroke. Additionally, those medically dependent on equipment for oxygen or breathing treatments require electricity to be available at all times. Preventing the loss of expensive food provides another reason to desire a backup energy source during power outages. When choosing between generators, safety, reliability, and convenience play a large part in decision making.

Generators are instruments that create electrical energy from another source of energy. Typically, generators use fuel, such as natural gas, propane, or diesel, but generators may also receive energy from batteries, cranks, or other sources. Generators used in homes during power outages may be either an automatic standby generator or a portable, diesel fueled generator. Safety is one concern with using portable generators. These generators must be placed outdoors because of carbon monoxide hazards, and they must be kept out of rain because water will cause damage to the generator. These units may not be left unattended. Vibrations during use may cause movement, which can place them in contact with flammable material and cause a fire. For this reason, portable generators should not be used overnight. Additionally, a portable generator too large or small may cause damage to appliances, but if an overload occurs with a standby generator, it will switch off automatically to prevent damage.

While portable generators may be unsafe and expensive to operate, standby generators are safe and less expensive to operate. Automatic standby generators turn on seconds after a power outage, and they turn off once power is restored. They do not have to be monitored during use, and they send power directly to the circuit breaker. Standby units require periodic oil and filter maintenance. Conversely, Portable generators are cumbersome and must be moved before and after use, and they require frequent refueling.

Homes which require electricity during power outages may use either portable or standby generators. Portable generator units cost less than standby units, but portable units cost more to operate. Also, portable generators are less safe than standby automatic Generators Charlottesville Virginia. The safety and costs of both types of generators should be considered before purchase.

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