Landscapes Worth Loving – One Stump at a Time

Making a lawn look beautiful is all part of making a property feel more like home. Lawn care is a booming industry, with annual revenue of over $78 billion and employing nearly a million Americans. One reason for this is that many families have property maintenance issues that are best attended to by a professional.

One of these is tree and stump removal.

The Professional Difference
Removing a dead or dying tree or the remains of a previously felled one is a common desire for property owners. No one wants a half-dead plant taking up space in their yard, and stumps in particular can be very troublesome. That doesn’t mean everyone should take their removal into their own hands.

Though it may seem simple on the surface, tree stump removal in Charleston SC can be a much more complicated matter than it appears. This is because even the remains of trees long since dead will have roots that need to be properly dealt with. The average property owner may not be equipped to handle the task of removing these roots, or knowledgeable in what effect this may have on the surrounding land. Landscape professionals can remove problem foliage, redesign garden and lawn areas and offer education on the upkeep of these areas to consumers.

Money Well Spent
Despite the inherent costs, employing a lawn care specialist, arborist or any other expert in plant growth and management can save consumers money. Those who would like something large and potentially dangerous like a dying tree or dry and rotting stump removed from their property may not have the proper tools to do so and may incur a lot of unforeseen costs in attempting to perform these tasks without proper tools. In addition, injury and other problems can occur during improper removal and may lead to even further expenses, or even loss of employment or life.

In this way, customers should see the expense of hiring a professional as an investment. Not only are they protecting their property, they’re protecting their own safety. That – along with the assurance of a job done right – are more than worth the money.

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