Is it Time for AC Gilbert to Upgrade Your Cooling System?

With summer returning in just a few months, now is the time to consider your cooling needs. You don’t want to be caught in the middle of a heat wave with a broken air conditioning system. Or, maybe you are in the market for a more energy efficient replacement. In any case, it is wise to perform some research at your leisure instead of when a quick decision needs to be made. Planning will save you money when purchasing a new conditioner and will also save energy.

Is bigger better?

  • You should first consider the size of your home as this will determine the capacity of the air conditioning unit you need.
  • A unit that is too large will cost you more money upfront to purchase.
  • Oversized units may also have issues with turning off before they can go into a dehumidification cycle.
  • An undersized unit will work too hard to cool your living space, and this will cause unnecessary wear and increase your home’s energy bills.

What size to buy?

Choose an AC Gilbert unit based on the appropriate BTU rating. A BTU chart can give you the correct estimate based on the square footage of your living space


  • An inverter model allows for variable motor speed for better efficiency.
  • A fixed motor model has the same motor speed, but costs less.

Save on equipment costs with energy efficient systems

The federal government and many state governments offer several incentives to encourage homeowners to purchase energy efficient systems. Check if your state offers a rebate program for the purchase of central air conditioning equipment. The federal government offers tax rebates for qualifying purchases.

A fully licensed air conditioning sales and service company such as AC in Gilbert, can supply you with information to help you in making a purchse, and can make appropriate recommendations. Look for those offer the latest in energy efficient products, and for sales and service staff that are well trained to provide you with the best service. Don’t hesitate to contact a service with any of your cooling system questions. Summer comfort and lower energy bills will be the result.

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