Getting the House Ready for a Heating And Cooling Installation in Scotch Plains NJ

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Heating & Air Conditioning

The new system is chosen, and the date for the heating and cooling installation in Scotch Plains NJ is set. All that remains is getting the house ready for the contractor and crew to arrive. The task will not be as hard as some people think. With a little planning, everything will be ready, and the installation can go off without a hitch. Here are some tips that will help.

Covering the Carpeting

During the heating and cooling installation in Scotch Plains NJ, expect the crew to be in and out of the house a lot. That is because they have to check everything from the duct work connections to the flow of air emerging from the vents. To keep the dirt tracked into a minimum, cover the carpet with something. Drop cloths from past paint jobs will work fine. The homeowner can also use newspaper to create paths that lead to the vents, the controls, and the door to the attic.

Trimming the Shrubs

If the old unit is surrounded by a row of decorative shrubs, take the time to see if they need trimming. Remember that the crew needs room to disconnect the old unit, move it out of the way, and place the new one in its stead. That is much easier to do if there is not shrubbery constantly in the way. Remember that shrubs will grow back, so trimming them a little more than usual will not have any long-term ill effects on the landscape.

Staying Nearby

Plan on being home for the duration of the installation process. The goal is to be readily available if the contractor or a member of the crew has a question or comes across something that needs to be discussed with the client. Have some things to occupy the time but make sure to be close enough for the crew to call out if they need to interact for any reason.

For anyone who is read for a new home heating and cooling system, call the team at Reel Strong Fuel Co today. It will not take long to identify the ideal replacement and set up a date and time for the installation to get underway.

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