Getting A Heating System Installation In Potomac

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When someone has an older furnace, maintenance steps are mandatory in trying to prolong its life. Often those who do not take the necessary steps in routine maintenance will find that they are in need of a Heating System Installation in Potomac before they were ready to have this service. Here are some steps to take when caring for a furnace.

It is important to turn off the power to a furnace before starting a maintenance session so it does not come on unexpectedly. The switch is usually located on the wall behind the unit and is usually black or red. If it cannot be located, the heat can be turned off at the main circuit breaker panel.

Cleaning out the combustion chamber will ensure the igniter is exposed and ready to light at any time it is needed. To clean this area, use a wire brush to scrape away any soot and ash from the walls and ceiling of the chamber. Use a shop vacuum to remove them from the area completely.

Swapping the air filter for a new one is very important. This will reduce the amount of dirt going through the ducts and out of vents where heat is directed. The filter should be changed every month to keep air clean. There are filters available to reduce allergens in the air for people who suffer from excessive dust or pet fur.

The furnace belt should be checked periodically for any signs of wear. If there are any cracked or ripped portions, the belt should be replaced. If it appears to be too loose, an adjustment can be made so it fits better. This may need to be done by a professional heating service as they would know which setting would work best for each particular heating unit.

If the furnace has difficulty outputting heat, a call to a Heating System Installation in Potomac may be a good idea. A call could be made to have an evaluation done of the old furnace and a new one can be installed if needed.

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