Get Quick Repairs with the Best Ac Service in Downers Grove

by | May 24, 2013 | Air Conditioning

When you are at home you expect your heating and cooling equipment to work properly so that you are always at a comfortable temperature. But just when you least expect or need it, your HVAC system can stop running and leave you sweating buckets in the middle of summer. This is when you call the best Ac Service in Downers Grove. Their certified technicians will be on the road within minutes after your call. When the techs arrive at your home, they will quickly assess the situation and examine the system for broken parts. Hopefully, it is just a small item repair so you can be up and running in no time. But all too often a massive equipment failure means you need a new system.

Your Ac Service in Downers Grove is known for prompt and reliable service. The tech first checks the thermostat to make sure it is on the correct setting. It should be set lower than the ambient room temperature. The device may have a mechanical switch, a mercury switch, a digital activator, or an electric model that is programmable. The unit may just need calibration to work properly, or it may need to be completely replaced. A new thermostat may be indicated if you have an AC that does not turn on and off. The thermostat will not adjust the temperature to your preferred set point. The total thermostat replacement may only take an hour, but this is a job only a professional should attempt.

Another problem that will keep the AC from working properly is if the refrigerant leaks out of the system. Low levels of refrigerant in your AC system should handled by an experienced professional. Common refrigerants such as R22 and Freon can have negative effects on the environment and the ozone layer. Freon is known to trigger irregular heartbeats in people with heart conditions. Your best bet is to use a certified technician who is trained to safely deal with refrigerant issues.

Routine maintenance on an AC unit can virtually eliminate most repairs. Homeowners are able to change the filters and keep the outside unit free of weeds and other debris. However many items should be checked by an AC tech. You can set up a maintenance plan for one or two service calls a year to ensure proper functioning of the unit.

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