Efficient Air Conditioner in San Marcos

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Air Conditioning

During the summer months, the heat in San Marcos is sweltering for its residents. Air conditioners can fail when used too frequently. However, each type of unit poses different potential problems. Learning about the unit types and their most common problems can help users recognize when a unit is in need of repair.

Once the problem is identified, an Air Conditioner Repair in San Marcos company can resolve the issue. The first type of air conditioner is a portable, standalone unit. These are often best for cooling small spaces with relative ease. The four main problems are as follows (1) the air conditioner does not cool the room, (2) the air conditioner is not functioning, (3) the unit does not start, and (4) the air flow is minimal. The first problem can be recognized when the unit is running but not cooling. In some cases, the filter may be dirty, ice over, or the room may be too big. If these actions have been completed and it is still not functioning, a call for a professional is in order. In the second issue, the problem may be from a higher temperature setting than the room or the timer may be on. If the unit does not start, the power cord may be damaged assuming it and the power outlet are plugged in and performing correctly. If the airflow is minimal, check for water in the tank which can lead to a frozen coil. Common problems with window-mounted air conditioners are similar to portable ones with the addition of a leaking water issue. Through the wall issues include the previous problems and a unit that turns on and off repeatedly.

Choosing an Air Conditioner Repair in San Marcos professional can be difficult due to the size of the city and the sheer amount of businesses. To find the right repair person, be sure they are trained and certified like Stillman Heat and Air. This company repairs all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) problems. This company can be contacted at domain URL for quotes on replacement needs regardless of the brand or type of air conditioner.

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