Don’t Be Left In The Cold. Have Your Heating Services In Toledo OH Performed Now

The thought of winter shouldn’t be far away. With the colder nights, it won’t be long under the temperatures are below freezing and the snow and cold wind will knock on the door. Wouldn’t it be terrible to turn on the furnace when you need it only to find it doesn’t work? This situation won’t happen when a homeowner contacts an HVAC company about Heating Services in Toledo OH today.

A checkup on the heating system will ensure it’s working at peak performance and using a little energy as possible. A heating system that has not been tuned up will cost more to operate and won’t keep a home comfortable.


Boilers are a great way to heat a home and enjoy hot water. It is cost efficient and can be used in the floors to keep a room comfortable. A new boiler offers a high efficiency of 95%, a stainless steel heat exchanger, and a stainless steel domestic hot water tank. It has a direct spark ignition and an outdoor rest control. The unit can be operated with propane or natural gas. On-demand domestic water heating is perfect for the homeowner who never wants to run out of hot water.

Gas Furnace

If a furnace is over ten to fifteen years old, now is the time to replace the furnace with a high-efficiency furnace. An energy-efficient furnace can be up to 98.5% efficient. New technology can lower humidity and allow control of the continuous fan. A new furnace comes with a ten-year parts warranty and a five-year labor warranty on a replacement system. They also come with a one-year warranty on systems that are installed during new construction by a company who provides Heating Services in Toledo OH.


With a new furnace, there are great rebates. These rebates can bring the total cost of the furnace down in price. Financing is available for those homeowners who qualify. Between the rebates and the energy saving, the heating system will pay for itself in no time.

If you want to stay warm this winter and keep energy costs down, Contact Heating & Air Conditioning. They have years of experience providing outstanding customer service in the Toledo area.

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