Does Your House’s Crawl Space Need Help?

Your house’s crawl space is out of sight, which may mean you rarely give it any thought. Keeping this area dry and in good repair could go a long way toward protecting your entire home, however, since crawl space problems can potentially lead to issues that impact your house’s structure. Here are some of the factors that may determine whether your home needs a new crawl space vapor barrier in Charlotte, NC.


Humidity and Moisture

In general, it is a good idea to call a local company, such as Dry Otter Waterproofing, that can perform an expert evaluation of the current state of your home’s crawl space. If high levels of humidity currently exist within that area, you will need to get the situation under control as soon as possible. Crawl space encapsulation may be one excellent way to resolve moisture issues.


Mold and Wood Rot

A crawl space vapor barrier in Charlotte, NC, may be able to shield your house’s structure from issues such as mold and wood rot. A sealed crawl space will generally be much less vulnerable to outside water and humidity. This may help prevent your home from developing potentially serious moisture-related issues in the future.


Drainage and Groundwater

If you are dealing with drainage problems in your yard, or if groundwater has begun to seep into your home’s crawl space area, you may need professional assistance to resolve the situation. A local company that specializes in waterproofing may be able to help you create a strategy to protect your home by installing sump pumps, vapor barriers and more.


Keeping Your Home Safe and Strong

Do not forget about the potential importance of installing a crawl space vapor barrier in Charlotte, NC. A professional waterproofing company can likely help mitigate humidity, prevent mold and wood rot, improve drainage and deal with any groundwater issues that may occur.

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