Custom Curtains Can Make the Room

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Home Improvement

Have you ever walked into a room and there was just something about the feel, the atmosphere or the uniqueness that you just couldn’t put your finger on? Custom curtains can do that to a room. While completing the look of a room, they can become the focal point of the room, an eye catching frame for the windows or a soft accent for your decor.

Interior Designer’s Questions
Finding the right drapes is more than picking out the colors. Fabrics, hardware, colors and styles are all things you and your designer need to take into account when designing custom curtains. Houston residents desire looks and styles that are elegant and fitting for their home. So to help you get the look you want, there are things your professional interior designer will want to discuss with you before beginning the project.

* How the room will be used: This will direct the type of curtains or drapes you choose. As an extreme example, if the room you’re decorating is the family room and your home theater is located there, you’ll probably want heavier material for the curtains or drapes so light is blocked out while viewing is in progress, but that can be tied back to let sunlight in during non-viewing times. On the other hand, if the room is used as a sunroom you’ll probably want lightweight fabric to let the natural light in while still adding a touch of style.
* The style of the room: If you’re decorating a formal dining room, the hardware, fabric and patterns will most likely take on an elegant look to complement your light fixtures and dining table and credenzas. Contrast that with a little girl’s bedroom that would probably lend itself to a frilly and light design.

Other Things to Consider
Finally, you’ll want to think about what colors would accent the room. Think about the wall color and find a complementary color for your custom curtains if you’d like them to be the focal point of the room. If you’d like them to just be a comfortable addition to the room, a lighter or darker shade of the wall color may work well.

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