Carpet Cleaning in Hayden, ID

With the availability of DIY carpet cleaners, have you wondered why people hire professionals? The reality is far different than what you might have been led to believe. There is a significant difference between professional carpet cleaning in Hayden, ID, and the results of the DIY approach. Professional carpet cleaners have two significant advantages over a homeowner. Professionals clean carpets for a living; they have far better equipment and a great deal of expertise and experience. Professionals know how to deal with all situations. Tough stains, and materials that require special care, are all in a day’s work. Professionals also have superior equipment, far better than anything that can be rented.

Steam cleaning uses hot water to clean carpets thoroughly, far more than surface cleaning equipment can. Hot water extraction is tough on dirt but gentle on carpets. Steam extraction eliminates dirt, allergens, and stains, and it does it fast. Powerful professional equipment extracts virtually all the water that was used in the cleaning process. As a result, you get a fresh, clean carpet in a few hours, rather than a few days. Although the process is called “steam cleaning,” it does not include the use of steam. It does, however, use extremely hot water that flushes out dirt and contaminants deep down. Once the carpet has been preconditioned, the carpet is sprayed with water at 200 degrees or more. Following immediately is a vacuum that picks up the water and dirt solution while still in suspension. This is taken to a holding tank located outdoors.

Typically, homeowners hire professional carpet cleaners every year to 18 months. This is an ideal timeframe for most. With periodic cleaning, you can be assured that the carpets in your home look their best. Between cleanings, vacuum the carpets frequently, use doormats, and clean up spills as soon as they happen.

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