Calling Animal Control in Columbus OH To Remove Bats From An Attic

When a homeowner notices bats flying around their attic window in addition to hearing noises coming from this floor of their home, they will most likely want to make a call to a service doing Animal Control in Columbus OH. A professional animal control service will be able to remove these creatures from the attic using a variety of tactics that will not cause them harm in the process. Since many bats are endangered, it is important to call a service rather than use pesticides to kill these animals. Here are some steps an animal control service will use to remove bats from an attic.

Find The Spot Where Bats Are Getting Inside

It is important to find the point of entry to the attic that bats are using to get inside. This will need to be sealed off at certain times of the day to help in getting bats to leave the area for good. An animal control service will assist in finding this area and will use barriers that will not hurt bats in any way. This is done after the bulk of bats leave the attic for the night to look for food. The barriers will need to remain in place until the next day, so bats do not return to the attic. They will be removed around dusk so any bats left inside will have a chance to get outside.

An Alternate Area To Roost May Be Provided

Many find that placing a bat box on their property is a great way to get bats to move from an attic to a new location. This should be positioned in an area within view of the attic where bats are getting inside. When an animal control service starts the process in getting bats to vacate the attic, they may take up residence in the bat box instead.

Any Baby Bats Would Be Removed By Hand

If there are baby bats inside of the attic, the animal control service will remove them and relocate them to a safe, new outdoor home. They will come to the home equipped with containers to keep the bats inside, so they do not pose harm to anyone on the property during their movement.

If there is a need to call a service to do Animal Control in Columbus OH, finding a professional with experience with bats is best. Contact Wildlife Control Company to find out more today.

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