Buying A Window Air Conditioning Unit In Fayetteville – Things To Keep In Mind

by | Jul 17, 2012 | Heating and Cooling

An air conditioning unit in Fayetteville can come in many forms but the most popular model is the window model. These are easy to purchase and installation does not require the assistance of an air conditioning technician. The advantage of buying a window unit is that it does not take up a great deal of space in your room and a small unit can cool down a very large space in a short amount of time. However, when buying an air conditioning unit for your window there are several things to keep in mind so that you know that you are getting the proper air conditioning unit.

A window air conditioning unit in Fayetteville can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it is important that you buy the proper size for your home or room. Air conditioning units are based on their British thermal unit or Btu as it is commonly called. This is in actual fat the cooling power that the unit has. The higher the Btu the heavier the unit will be. Heavier units might not fit into all window openings as the needed support might not be there. In addition to this, the heavier the unit and the higher the Btu, the more expensive the unit will be.

There are many home improvement stores that have installed Btu calculators that will help you determine what air conditioning unit in Fayetteville that will work best for you. The best air conditioning unit is one that is matched perfectly to the square footage of your home or the room in which it will be installed. Many people think the larger the air conditioner the colder the room will be. However, this simply isn’t the case. If the unit is too big for your space you will find that the air conditioner is running frequently and your energy bill will increase dramatically. Before running out and buying an air conditioner you should always measure the room in which the air conditioning unit will be installed so that you can ensure that you are getting the proper air conditioning unit.

One of the concerns that people have with buying an air conditioning unit in Fayetteville is that their energy bill will increase. To overcome this problem there are many air conditioner manufacturers that have now created window units that are more energy efficient. Each AC unit has a rating stamped on the side of the unit. Older window units will have a lower rating and you may want to consider replacing an old window unit with a newer model which will help reduce your energy costs. This is where having the proper size air conditioning unit is also important as the Btu of the unit is factored in when determining the energy efficiency rating. If you have an air conditioning unit in Fayetteville that is improperly sized you may not be as energy efficient as you would like to be.


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