Always Have Heated Water when Using an Expert With Water Heaters in Camp Hill

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Heating and Cooling

There are a variety of components and subsystems that make up the plumbing in any home and one of the most important of these are Water Heaters Camp Hill. People use heated water for cleaning their home, themselves, their clothes, food and numerous other reasons. Unfortunately, when the water heater fails, there is no backup in place. The owner must invest in either a replacement system or the parts required to make repairs. The basic components of the average water heating system is a large tank used for storage, a method for heating and all the minutia required to turn the heat on or off as required. For a gas based water heater, this includes fuel metering and shutoff. For an electric water heater, the flow of electricity is passed through a thermostat which shuts the power off once the water reaches the correct temperature.

One of the most common failures with water heaters in Camp Hill is leaking tanks. Most tanks are created from steel to provide the strength required to handle higher PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)storage loads. Of course, this steel is typically galvanized so the tank will last longer, but sooner or later, corrosion will creep in. There is little that can be done to avoid this sort of problem, but it is possible to get a long lasting tank by purchasing a water heating system with a liner. The two best choices are cement or glass. Glass is used because it is fairly easy to apply. The downside of using glass is poor coverage around the various fittings. Cement tends to be the lining of choice because the wet cement can spread more thoroughly and coat the tank properly.

Like all appliances, the water heater needs to be maintained at least once a year. Such maintenance should include examining the important components of the device, search for signs of water leaks and verify the overall functionality of the appliance. For instance, there is a valve designed to release the pressure inside a water heater in the odd chance that the heat source won’t cut off. This safety valve keeps the system from turning into an explosive device and destroying the home or injuring family members. Contact NB Mechanical Services for more information.

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