Air Conditioning Services in Ajax ON that Help You Keep You Cool

by | May 17, 2017 | Air Conditioning

As the temperature starts to rise, your AC starts to feel the stress! Air conditioning services in Ajax ON can help to ensure that your system is able to survive the hottest days and keep you and your family out of the heat! There are a couple steps that you can take to ensure that your AC is able to keep up this season.

Self Help
You can do your part to take care of your air conditioning to minimize the need for air conditioning services in Ajax. Following this simple advice can help to keep your system in tip top shape and reliable:
*Keep debris and leaf litter clear of the system
*Periodically use a water hose to clean it off
*Do not set the thermostat to low all at once
*Use ceiling fans to help improve the cooling quality

Keeping debris and leaf litter away from your unit will ensure that it does not get burdened with clogging debris. Rake around the unit and remove any debris promptly.

Wash It Off
With your unit switched off, use a water hose to clear off the areas you can get too while avoiding electrical components. Washing off the dirt will improve function.

Your Thermostat
A lot of people make the critical mistake of setting their thermostat too low. For example if it is 95 degrees out and you have been away and come up and jump your thermostat right off to 72 you are asking the system to do too much work at one time. Lower the thermostat in increments to help it along. Use ceiling fans to help with the cooling and take some of the burden off your system. When you do need air conditioning services in Ajax ON call on Twintech Heating and Cooling!

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