Air Conditioning Repair in Rockford

When you call for air conditioning repair in Rockford, you should be able to ask questions of the technician working in your house. They’re the experts on your air conditioning system, and they are usually happy to explain some simple things you can do at home to keep your system working properly and give you tips on when to know if the HVAC service should come out to take a look at it.

Technician for air conditioning repair in Rockford will tell you that one of the best, easiest, and most inexpensive things you can do to keep an air conditioner in working order is to make sure the filter gets changed. How often you should do this depends on the air quality in your home. If a lot of dust gets in, or if you have dogs or cats that shed, you may have to change your air conditioner filter more often.

Just ask the technician to show you where the filter is located and how to remove it. He’ll show it to you and let you know if it’s dirty. That way, you can recognize what constitutes a dirty filter from now on. Check the filter each month, and if it looks dirty, replace it. You can buy a filter for less than ten dollars, and even replacing it every month is still much less than a service call.

It isn’t necessary to purchase the most expensive and elaborate replacement filters, either. They may be marketed as specially made for those with allergies. A tech will tell you these are not only not necessary, but they are not recommended, either. That is because the heavy filtering they use, which is meant to trap pollen and dust particles, and other allergens in the air, actually prevents too much airflow, too. Air conditioner repair services recommend simple, pleated filters. Ask the tech to show you which side faces outward. There are arrows painted on the side of the filter as a guide. If you have an older air conditioner system, it may come with an electronic air cleaner. Ask the technician to show you where it is located and how to remove it for cleaning.

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