Actions to Take Before Calling for Air Conditioning Service in Crestwood

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Heating & Air Conditioning

Your air conditioner is the major appliance that enables your air to be breathable. This device filters out unwanted substances such as allergens, mold, and dust. It also serves to control the humidity levels and temperature of indoor air. For an AC system to perform these functions, it needs to be kept in good working condition. When it’s not working correctly, it can be hard to decide when to call a service provider for air conditioning service in Crestwood. Before you do this, perform the following actions. This can help prevent costly repairs and the need to wait for a repairman to visit your home.

Before you call a repairman, inspect your thermostat. This may seem like a basic step to take, but many people forget to look at their thermostats before calling an AC contractor. For a cooler home, your thermostat should be switched to “cool.” The thermostat should be on a temperature lower than the temperature of the room it’s in. For warm air, your thermostat should be switched to “heat.” Turn the thermostat up past the temperature of the room. Wait a few minutes for the heating process to start.

Clean your AC system. Start with the condenser outside your home. Remove debris, vines, and clutter that can keep this component from working correctly. Use an industrial coil cleaner to remove grime from the condenser coil. Clean the fins with a fin comb. Next, clean the evaporator located above the furnace in the plenum. Use a stiff brush to clean all sides. Ensure that the tray beneath this unit is wiped out with bleach and water to prevent mold build-up.

Check drainage lines for blockages. When an air conditioner alters indoor air, it also produces condensate. This excess fluid uses a tube to exit the AC system. An accumulation of ice, algae, and grime in this tube can cause an obstruction. This can cause the condensate to back up and leak onto the floor. To prevent this, clear your AC system’s drainage tube regularly.

Doing these actions can help restore functionality to your AC system. However, if these actions fail to correct a problem with your air conditioner, it may be necessary to call service providers like the ones at Harster Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioning service in Crestwood. This business can handle residential and commercial air conditioning services.

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