A Water Heater Can Be Installed By A HVAC company

by | Feb 2, 2017 | HVAC Contractor

Years ago, contractors would only perform the work that was in their distinct trade. An electrician would only perform electrical work, and a plumber would only work on the plumbing project. Today’s trades have moved beyond their specific trades including an HVAC company installing water heaters because they’re already equipped with the tools and knowledge. Heating systems that include a boiler system also include hot water delivery to a home. A tankless water heater can also be combined with an HVAC and Water Heater. This type of system delivers continuous hot water through the home and serves as a heat source for the home.

Ventilation of a Heating and Cooling system require the knowledge of gas piping, venting, water piping, and electrical connections. This provides a head start to learning about tankless water heaters that operate on a similar principle. Heating and Cooling in a home should only be performed and maintained by an experienced HVAC company. Although some trades are capable of overlapping in services, the HVAC area is very complicated. Someone that currently has an electric heating system and wants to switch to propane, can benefit with the use of a high-efficiency propane tankless Water Heater combined with an air handler system.

A water heater doesn’t always need to be connected to the HVAC system in a home. A tankless or traditional water heater can stand alone in any location where there are an energy source and water supply. An energy efficient water heater can save a homeowner a lot of money throughout the year. The tankless water heaters are some of the most efficient ones on the market today. The water is only heated when it’s needed. A traditional water heater keeps the water hot in the tank 24 hours a day, even when it’s not being used by anyone.

The water heater in your home is one of the most important pieces of equipment that gets used. A lack of hot water for showering, cooking, laundry or washing dishes requires an immediate call to Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling. They have years of experience in heating, cooling and water heater repair, maintenance and installation.

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