6 Mistakes to Avoid When You Hire an HVAC Service Team

Poor choices can cost you. Read on to see if you’re committing any of the following mistakes when you set out to hire an HVAC service team in Kauai.

Not checking the BBB

The Better Business Bureau is one of the best sources you have online. Check out ratings for the company to see if they’re a safe bet, Buildings says. If you see low ratings, then you may want to consider other options on your list.

Not asking for proof

Don’t forget to ask for proof of liability coverage and licensing. If the company can’t show any, then you could be dealing with a dodgy one. Look to reputable companies like Island Comfort Air Conditioning for licensed and insured contractors instead.

Forgetting about the referrals

A lot of homeowners ask for referrals, but many make the mistake of chucking that referral list to a drawer. Don’t consign that list to oblivion. Call up those numbers. You can learn a lot by talking to a former client.

Not minding contractor behavior

Don’t let your contractors get away with bad behavior. If they get to your door late or if they arrive in a less-than-professional gear, then that could be an indication of how the rest of the service will go. You wouldn’t want to take that chance. Contact the firm and report the incident. If another set of contractors display any unprofessional behavior, look elsewhere.

Not reading through the contract

Don’t just skip and scan your way through the contract. Read and understand every clause and condition. What are the limitations? Does it contain all the necessary information? Find out before you hire an HVAC service team in Kauai.

Not looking for one advance

Don’t wait until your unit breaks down on you. Look for an HVAC service firm before you need one. When it’s time, you’ll only have to call for help.

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