Refrigeration Repair In Fairfax – Checking & Topping Up Your Refrigerant

If your heating and cooling device has been blowing hot air rather than cool air, you might need to get refrigeration repair in Fairfax. With refrigeration repair in Fairfax, you can get the complication uncovered and fixed in no time. The sooner you contact a service technician, the cheaper the repairs will be and once the appliance is working properly, you can avoid paying excessive amounts for energy bills. Prior to getting refrigeration repair in Fairfax, you should learn how to check your refrigerant level and top it up.

Refrigeration Repair In Fairfax – Which Type Of Refrigerant?

Not just any coolant or refrigerant can be used in your heating and cooling device. If you use the incorrect kind of refrigerant, it is possible that the device may not work and you will then need refrigeration repair in Fairfax. You should refer to the manufacturer manual that you got when you purchased the appliance to discover what refrigerant it requires. If the information is not noted down in the manual, it may be worth looking underneath the device or on any labels. Alternatively, it will be beneficial to communicate with a professional in this industry who can tell you what type of Freon will be worthwhile for your AC system.

Refrigeration Repair In Fairfax
– Insert The Freon

Ideally, your air conditioner will not require a Freon top-up because the refrigerant will be sealed out of sight. Due to the Freon being sealed, it will be difficult for evaporation to occur and the only way it will evaporate is if there are leaks. Leaks should always be fixed with refrigeration repair in Fairfax but topping up your refrigerant will be a temporary solution to the problem. Find the outside of the unit and unscrew the panel so that the tube lines can be located. Select the large tube and ensure the device is off. Use a tap valve and a blue tube to fill up the Freon level. Once the coolant level reaches 70 psi, you can put the air conditioner back together.

Refrigeration Repair In Fairfax
– What To Do If You Have A Leak

Over time,refrigeration repair in Fairfax will be required no matter how much you maintain the appliance. Normally, leaks will be the problem and leaks can occur for many reasons. Try to get professional help as soon as you top up your Freon because over time, the device may break altogether unless repairs are completed. Common causes for leaks include clogged drain pipes and condensation issues.

If your evaporator coils are frozen, you will need
refrigeration repair in Fairfax to fix a restricted air flow. To avoid spending too much on energy bills and repairs, visit

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