How to Check Your Air Conditioner Before Calling for Repairs

Might have known it would be the hottest day of the year that your air conditioning unit decides not to work. Having emergency repairs done can be expensive. Spending your day waiting for a service technician while melting in the heat doesn’t sound very inviting either. You may not have to do either of those things. Here are some things you need to check on your air conditioner in Spanish Fork UT before calling for repairs.

Check to see if the unit is not blowing air, or the air coming out is much warmer than it should be. Make sure your air vents in your home aren’t blocked with furniture or clogged up.

If the unit isn’t working at all, then condenser isn’t running. Check to make sure your circuit breaker is turned on. If you have fuses, check them too. Sometimes a circuit breaker will trip itself off if it becomes overloaded. This is very common on older homes.

Check the thermostat and see if the temperature is set correctly. The settings may have been changed by someone else or it could be turned off. If your thermostat has batteries, check them as well. Turn your thermostat off and let it stabilize for a few moments. Turn it back on to the desired setting. Give it a couple of moments to begin working.

Inspect the fan blower belt. Do you see excessive slack or wear and tear? This can affect the air flow and can also cause ice to form. Although this is not the only reason ice will form on an Air Conditioner in Spanish Fork UT, it is one of the more common ones. This will also have a negative impact on the cooling performance of the unit. Replace the belt with a new one.

Look at the coils on your Air Conditioning Unit. If you find they are full of dust and debris, clean them thoroughly. If ice has formed on your unit for any reason, allow it to melt before restarting your unit.

After inspecting all of these areas of your air conditioning unit and you still have problems, you will need to call a service technician. Make them aware of how your unit is acting and what you have discovered during your inspection.. For more information visit

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