Five Points to Consider Before AC Installation

Installing air conditioning is a popular home improvement project for any homeowner, but there are several points to consider before AC Installation St. Augustine specialists are available to assist you, however it is important to consider the following;

Seeking Professional Advice

Even if you are planning to complete the project yourself, it is important to seek some professional advice. There is a huge variety of air conditioning units and it is important to select the correct unit to suit your individual requirements. Investing in a unit which is too small or too large can be a costly mistake, so unless you are very knowledgeable seek the advice of an experienced professional.

Consider Suitable Locations

A common mistake is to install the unit in the wrong location. For example, installation in an area or room which has an excessive amount of lighting can be a big mistake, as the numerous light bulbs generate excessive heat which reduces the effectiveness of the AC unit. Likewise, installation into the room facing bright sunlight or directly adjacent to a tree will cause similar problems. For maximum efficiency the area must have any obstructions or debris before the AC system is installed.

Carefully Plan the AC Installation

St. Augustine homes have a great many styles, so it is important to plan to match the layout and contours of your individual home. It is also important to consider the whole area including the size and number of windows and how many people are using it on a daily basis. There is a little math equation to work out whether each unit is suitable. It essentially means that the capacity of the unit and the British Thermal Unit (BTU) value should match the area of your room.

The Size of the Installation Hole

With the developments of more modern AC units, the need for large holes for installation has reduced. Creating a large hole can significantly damage your home, so it is worth considering a unit which only requires a small hole. There are a variety of units which allow this including; independent wall units, portable units or split systems.

Type of Flooring

Wood floors can significantly affect the rate of cooling the room. The type of floor covering in your home can affect the way warm and cool air flows, so it can have an effect on the efficiency of the AC. Of course this can be counterbalanced but you should consult professional advice.