As a Furnace Gets Older, the Need for HVAC Repair Services in Lenexa Becomes Probable

Many homeowners choose top-notch brand-name equipment when it’s time for furnace installation, and they schedule yearly maintenance as recommended. But even with the best-quality furnaces and annual maintenance, at some point, HVAC Repair Services in Lenexa will become necessary. As with all mechanical equipment, belts and other moving parts wear out.

Annual Maintenance

The annual maintenance does go a long way toward preventing breakdowns and the need for HVAC Repair Services in Lenexa. A technician inspects the furnace and makes necessary adjustments, making sure no parts are worn enough to need replacement. If some components should be replaced to avoid a breakdown over the winter, there is a consultation with the customer about whether to have the work done now. Certain parts are oiled and the interior of the appliance is thoroughly cleaned.

Eventual Breakdowns

Over time, however, the equipment becomes old enough that a breakdown or two is almost inevitable. This is especially likely when homeowners try to keep an ancient appliance running for some years after heating and cooling technicians have encouraged them to start planning for replacement. They call for assistance from a company like Dillon’s Heating and Cooling as they know they’ll receive a prompt response no matter what time of day it is. See for information.

Human Nature

It’s human nature for people to want their furnaces to keep working for 20 or more years. They spent so much money on the installation of this appliance in the first place, or they bought the house with the furnace already installed and don’t want to spend $2,500 or more on a new installation. It’s one of the more expensive purchases homeowners make, and it doesn’t have a fun factor like a big-screen TV or a new set of living room furniture does.

A Health Hazard

The furnace turns into a carbon monoxide hazard if the heat exchanger cracks. Before this happens, heating and cooling technicians warn the customers during a repair or maintenance appointment that the end of the appliance’s lifespan is near. If the furnace already poses a health hazard, the technician is required to disconnect it from the power supply so it cannot be run any longer.

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