Reasons to Build a New Home Now Rather Than Buying Homes For Sale

Is building a home more expensive than moving into previously-owned Homes For Sale? For the most part, it isn’t. However, building a home has advantages and disadvantages.

Costs to consider

Finding land to build on could be pretty expensive and is less than Homes For Sale. Because of this, people will often have to be flexible in terms of location, or even wait for a new plot to come up for sale. Another factor that may discourage new construction candidates is the average price, which is higher than that of an existing home. But in the long term, you will save more energy in a new construction.

Some people dream of building the house of their dreams, but they feel overwhelmed by all the tasks involved.

Low rates… but until when?

This has been going on for a while now: interest rates are at very low levels. Therefore, people can borrow higher amounts. That said, do not wait too long before building a home.

Indeed, it is possible that interest rates will rise suddenly, in particular, because of the stricter monetary policies set by the government.

Energy standards are important

In terms of energy performance, the standards imposed have not yet had a significant impact on construction costs. This is especially the case when compared with the measures taken this year, where passive standards are now the norm. A balanced real estate market is another factor to consider.

According to a recent study, it seems that the real estate market is overstated by just 3.6%. This is good news because over-valuation can have a very negative impact on the real estate market.

An interesting investment in the long term

Whatever the objectives are for building a new home, people must always consider it as an investment. There is no need to buy an old house if you will have to keep putting money into it. Another thing to remember is that the evolution of new construction techniques happens often.

Whether it’s thermal insulation, airtightness, or renewable energy sources – solar panels, heat pumps, and so on – there’s no shortage of ways to help people reduce their energy consumption and improve their level of residential comfort. Contact Lancia Homes for more details. You can join us at Linkedin.

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